Eradication of Polio is just Two Drops Away!

Since 2005 I have traveled to Ethiopia working toward the eradication of polio by vaccinating one child at a time with the polio oral vaccine. Just think one child at a time saved from a life of paralysis. It is important for me to personally give of myself. It's my time in life to get the message out that this crippling disease still exists today. The children in the world who still suffer from polio along with prevention and rehabilitation are the purpose of my Foundation. The eradication of polio is my passion. Traveling to Africa and other third world countries to improve the life of those affected is my mission.

As a child I had polio and I'm often asked how my life was impacted. That is a difficult question for me because I didn't let it have a negative impact on my life. However, the truth of the matter is that it had a minimal impact on my life because I was fortunate enough to be born in the United States. I was given excellent care by family orthopedic surgeons and provided funding for surgeries by donations from organizations such as the March of Dimes and Orthopedic Guilds. My mother was a single mom with limited funds for raising myself and two brothers. It is now time for me to give back.

I have been traveling with Rotary International, World Vision and the World Health organization with the goal of immunizing every child in Ethiopia. These trips have proven to be extremely rewarding and the most heart wrenching experiences of my life. If you have ever thought of humanitarian work and have the means, I would recommend getting involved in a program such as Rotary, World Vision or World Health. It has changed my life. My experience has driven me to form my Foundation and I ask for your help.

The Denny Wilford Foundation is working toward the prevention and elimination of polio worldwide along with the ongoing rehabilitation of polio sufferers. At this time, my focus is in Ethiopia where there are hundreds of thousands of people still affected by this disabling disease, limited to a life of crawling and begging.

My logo, Just 2 Drops, depicts the two drops of polio vaccine that it takes to prevent one child from contracting polio. Just 2 Drops, one child at a time and we will eradicate polio from the world.

During our travels throughout Ethiopia, we saw many people struggling with mobility due to polio, having missed out on the polio vaccine. There were many whose mobility was crawling on the ground or using homemade crutches, etc. At Cheshire Disability Center in Menagesha, Ethiopia, children suffering from polio are given post-surgery physical therapy. Through the help of many Rotarians and others, we have built a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facility. Since its dedication in 2016, it has greatly assisted in the physical rehabilitation of several hundred victims of polio and other maladies.

With the success of the efforts of the Rotary program in Ethiopia, we have extended our efforts into Uganda. Our current focus is the Freidis Disability Center in Lira, Uganda. Lira and the region have survived a lengthy war. In the wake of this 22-year war, the Lira region is in need of basic human resources. The Denny Wilford Foundation has begun a program to assist the Freidis Center with hospital equipment so that the disability center can perform surgeries and birthing deliveries in safe and sanitary conditions, which are nonexistent in the region. In Auust, 2018 our initial container of hospital equipment was delivered to Freidis. The local and national Ugandan officials stated that this effort would greatly improve the medical services in the region. Each year we continue to ship a container of medical equipment, other clinical supplies, community outreach items such as hygiene items like soap and dental products and, of course, soccer uniforms and soccer balls.

The Disability Center services are free to patients. Instead, funding is provided by the Freidis Day Care, Elementary School and Teachers' College, and people like you.

The Denny Wilford Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. All funding is provided through fundraising, solicitation and direct contributions from Denny Wilford. Denny Wilford finances nearly all administrative costs allowing beneficiaries to receive maximun benefit from your valued contributions.

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Denny vaccinating an infant in Ethiopia.

Vaccination team in farm regions of Ethiopia.

Mother relieved that her child will not contract polio.

From hut to hut innoculating the children of Ethiopia.

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